The Madonna on Stamps Website

 The Madonna on Stamps site is designed to show stamps from around the world honoring Mary, the Mother of God. Also included is an on-line checklist of topical stamps featuring Our Lady.

As originally created, this site is mirroring the album pages "Stamps of the Madonna" created and distributed by K-line. Unfortunately, they discontinued the pages in the 1980's. As time allows, I will be displaying the collection in different ways, with various titles of the Blessed Mother, such as Our Lady of the Rosary, the Immaculate Conception, etc.

The Madonna On Stamps website
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Thematically Arranged Pages

[Topical Listing of Mary on Stamps]

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If you're interested in any aspect of Religion on Stamps, you need to find out about COROS the society for Collectors of Religion on Stamps.

      I owe special thanks to several stamp collectors whose sites led me to create this site. First is Mitch Ward with his fabulous world wide display of stamps. I am indebted to Bill Seymour with his various online collections. And should you be a stamp collector, visit the Stamp Chat Board. A more "advanced" stamp chat board is hosted by Richard Frajola. For a general stamp website directory, visit Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resources.

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