The Immaculate Conception
December 8

From the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Franca, a small statue of the Immaculate Conception can be seen at the bottom of the tower. This stamp was issued to celebrate the centenary of Franca in 1956.

Issued in 1959, this stamp continues the series started in 1956 featuring a statue found on the altar of the Church of San Francisco in Quito. The wings on this view of the Immaculate Conception possibly are based on Revelation 12: 14, "And there were given the woman the two wings of the great eagle..."


Issued in December, 1954, to celebrate the Marian Year, this stamp from the Philippines features the "Immaculate Conception" by Murillo.

From a set of ten stamps issued by Spain on March 24, 1962, featuring paintings by Francesco de Zurbaran (1598-1662). The painting is hung in Madrid's Lazaro Galdiano Museum.

Spain's 1963 Stamp Day issue again showed famous paintings. This Immaculate Conception was by Jose de Ribera (also known as Spagnoletto). The detail is from a painting found in the Convent of the Augustinians in Salamanca.

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