John's Modern Postal History
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USPS Subject to Inspection handstamp
Here are some various "Media Mail/Subject to Inspection" markings.
and Opened for inspexction by USPS (small picture)
Opened For Inspection by the USPS

Scans USPS Inkjet Cancels
Some scans of the USPS's latest Ink jet Cancels


I don't have to know how to count, I'm a postal clerk not a rocket scientist!
(with apologies to most of the clerks in the Postal Service)

New Bar Coding?
Please Open this Envelope!
Here's three of a kind (plus a PNC)

The Eagle coils of 2004

  pvi.jpg (11722 bytes)

Paid by PVI 
A selection of covers, (primarily from larger than letter size items) showing various rates that have been paid by Postage Value Imprints

overpaid Post Cards
How much does that cost?
A selection of over and underpaid postcards and other 
First seen (in Pomeroy anyway) in April 2004 is this cancel showing the 3 different SCFs -- Quincy (IL) 623; Hannibal (MO) 634; and Kirksville (MO) 635 
For a view of the entire postcard, click here or on the picture.
double.jpg (32139 bytes)
An Interesting "double-double"

A cover received from an inmate in the Alabama State Prison System

A close-up of the handstamp


An interesting combination of meter markings and a handstamp.


According to Terence Hines (founder of the Modern Postal History Society) this is "the first example of this type of spray-on I've seen."

(The line that reads 00:47 08/20/02 PASCO WA 99301 is a "receiving cancel" applied at the local processing office and is not part of the Nova VA cancel.

A portion of this cover was covered in Linn's Stamp News on October 7, 2002, page 10, saying, "This cover bears the first example of this cancel to come to Linn's attention."

Closeup of the cancel


newcancel.jpg (36325 bytes) Received during August, 2004, is another example of this type of cancel. You can click on the picture to see a full-size scan.


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The 34 cent Greetings from America on cover


It's not Modern, but the Post Offices of Garfield County
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Post Offices along Highway 12 & 14 in Western U.S.


"Marian Stamps" Our Lady in Philately