Something (maybe Flip Wilson was right!) made me purchase a lot of about 40,000 mixed U.S. Precancels in 2001. After sorting through about 2,000 and having purchased and looked through the various catalogs available from the Precancel Stamp Society, I decided to "specialize" or limit myself to two main areas. First is a collection of Towns and Types from Washington State. Second is (are?) precanceled Prexies and the Defense and War Issues of the early 1940s.

Based on an album I saw, I've created my own Washington State Towns & Types album. It's 30 pages and available as an Adobe Acrobat file.

You can download your copy of the Washington State Towns & Types album.

Here's a PSS Style Chart using precancels of Washington State (Based on the chart found at Chas Adrion's site.)


The 34 cent Greetings from America on cover

It's not Modern, but the Post Offices of Garfield County
(off-site and this opens in a new window)

Post Offices along Highway 12 & 14 in Western U.S.

"Marian Stamps" Our Lady in Philately

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