John's Modern Postal History
The Use of Postage Value Imprints (PVI) and more... 

 This section of my modern postal history site shows examples of various Media Mail, Book Rate, Bulk Rate, and Priority Mail packages that have had the postage paid with USPS Postage Value Imprints.

I became interested in these "covers" after attending the 2004 Moses Lake Philatelic Day and meeting Tony Wawrukiewicz, author (with Henry Beecher) of U.S. Domestic Postal Rates and U. S International Postal Rates.  During one of our conversations, I mentioned that I saved almost every incoming envelope our small business receives. Tony mentioned that many examples of modern postal history were simply being thrown away! Since I am an inveterate saver, I decided to start saving the fronts of interesting packages I received so that in the future researchers would have examples.

You can find an Introduction to PVIs written and maintained by Jim Whitford-Stark who is often found at the StampChat+ board.


Flat Rate Underpaid
So How Much is this Flat Rate anyhow?


  pvi-001.jpg (116986 bytes)
Basic Media Mail


  pvi-002.jpg (158273 bytes)
Book Rate postage, Delivery Confirmation


  Sample of Insurance and Delivery Confirmation services added to a much-used Flat Rate Priority Box
Priority Rate postage, Delivery Confirmation, Insurance


  pvi-003.jpg (167101 bytes)
Media Mail, Insurance

Media Mail, Return Receipt Merchandise and Subject to Inspection
  This one is a Return to Sender using a PVI 

Return to sender

  USPS Larger Video Box and Delivery Conf. 

Priority Mail, Delivery Confirmation

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The 34 cent Greetings from America on cover


It's not Modern, but the Post Offices of Garfield County
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Post Offices along Highway 12 & 14 in Western U.S.


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