I don't have to know how to count, I'm a postal clerk not a rocket scientist!

     Once upon a time, someone using Business Reply Mail could upgrade the service the letter was to receive by simply paying the postage for the additional service. In the example below, I expected to get away with paying $4.05 for Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested because the recipient was paying the basic 37 postage through BRM. "Oh you can't do that anymore", my clerk told me. "If you want any special services, you have to pay the entire amount."

     So I was a bit surprised to have this returned to me this week. Apparently some clerks think you can't even use the BRM envelope with additional services. Well, it makes for a nice Auxiliary Marking for my collection. The clerk gave it to me to address a new envelope and RRR card and I'm glad I scanned it as she cut off the PVI label so that she could get her $4.42 back. 

     The clerk and I assumed that the clerk in the receiving office saw the BRM and the Certified sticker and assumed that I had tried to get out of paying the 37 First Class Postage and didn't look at the value of the PVI label. It may also have been that you just can't use a  Business Reply Mail envelope to mail something that has been certified. I'd appreciate any comments.

sample of "Unauthorized Use 0f Business Reply Mail" auxiliary marking

sample of "Unauthorized Use 0f Business Reply Mail" auxiliary marking

      If you are interested in Auxiliary Markings on the mail, visit the Auxiliary Markings Club.